Time: 3.5 hours  

Cost: $79 pp for 1 – 3 people.

          $69 pp for  4 or more people.

          Children under 12 half price!

You too can play in a Band!

Hey, do you want to play in the band?  Gerald McNally is an extraordinary musician who has been a teacher and mentor to many a musician in the O’Leary area of PEI.  A native of a tiny rural community called The Brae, he has been instrumental in sharing the gift of music with many residents – old and young alike.  Gerald is the host of many “Ceilidhs” (pronounced Kay Lees) around the western part of the Island – but is best known for his hosting of the Ceilidhs in The Brae.  He and musical friends also had their own television show “Caleigh in The Brae” for a number of years.












Gerald has such a lovely calm sense of welcome about him.  He has brought so many people along musically to the point that his bi-weekly Caleigh in The Brae has many of his present and former students onstage singing or playing an instrument for the very first time.  There is no fear of stage fright here!  The audience is composed of many who’ve been there done it – just like you can as well.


This is so much fun!  Learn to make those spoons rattle right along with a lively jig.  Or strumming that stringed instrument like nobody’s business!  Or how about a little tune that could be sung with some of the locals?  A couple of hours with Gerald, lunch at the Canadian Potato Museum and then its time for a Caleigh!!!  What better way to spend a late afternoon and evening?  And, when you get home, you will be able to tell your friends that you played “in the band”!